Vision and mission of UDK company

  • Vision and Mission +

    Vision Company UDK is to provide Ukrainian developers of premium material that improves the quality of life, as well as:

    • It helps to save costs by reducing the construction and saves energy during operation;
    • It helps to make housing more comfortable thanks to the excellent physical properties autoclaved aerated concrete;
    • It helps to save the environment:
      • The production uses very few natural energy resources;
      • Toxic waste is not released into the atmosphere;
      • Only natural raw materials are used for the production of 100% natural final product.

    The company's mission UDK - is to maximize profits for shareholders in accordance with our values and vision.

  • Core values +

    UDK is a socially responsible company. We value long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with our employees, customers, suppliers. Our production is environmentally-friendly and non-polluting. Our Code of Conduct:


    Empoleyrs: Company UDK build honest and consistent relationships with the staff and fulfills all legal obligations to them. In addition, UDK provides its employees with good social and economic package.


    Customers : The company offers customers UDK provides the building blocks of autoclaved aerated concrete of the highest quality, which are made using the latest technology with modern equipment. Company UDK understands the responsibility that from our building materials to build houses yet, so we are committed to providing our customers with honest and accurate information and provide technical support at all stages of construction and operation of buildings.


    Suppliers : the company with its suppliers UDK builds long-term partnerships that ensure the supply of raw materials of the best quality. The main criteria for the selection of our suppliers are professional ethics, honesty and environmental safety of products supplied.


    Environment : Autoclave aerated concrete - this is an environmentally friendly product. Due to the excellent thermal insulation properties of aerated concrete use helps reduce the cost of energy consumption, which in turn helps save the environment. Furthermore, for the production of aerated concrete requires considerably less energy and raw materials to produce than other building materials. Moreover, production is environmentally friendly, not harmful toxic waste released into the atmosphere. UDK team will continue its mission to preserve the environment!

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Production of aerated concrete

Production of AAC on wide scale started in the 20s of the XX century in Sweden. Since then production technology has significantly improved in terms of automatization of technological processes and evolution of equipment, which in turn has allowed producing AAC blocks with excellent physical and mechanical characteristics, low density and high strength maintaining same raw material base. AAC blocks with gross dry density D400 and D500 and concrete class В2,0 and В2,5 are construction and thermal insulation materials used for building bearing walls and at the same time providing required thermal insulation of walls without any additional insulation. “UDK” LLC. is the largest AAC producer in Eastern Ukraine. “UDK” LLC. plant has modern technological equipment by “Masa AG”, a renowned world leader in equipment for producing building materials. Raw material base for AAC production is crushed quartz sand, cement and unslaked lime, water and additions of gypsum and aluminum gasifier for creating porous structure of the material. AAC is baked in forms and cut into blocks by special machines with wire strings. This allows obtaining product with precise dimensions with tolerance of not more than ±1,5 mm, which allows to lay blocks on thin-layer glue like UDK TBM. After cutting, the blocks undergo autoclaving under special regime, with temperature up to 195 °С and pressure of 12 atm. Hot air autoclaving provides several advantages for AAC blocks in comparison to unautoclaved blocks. AAC blocks have a higher class of strength and do not require additional holding before application. “UDK” LLC. AAC blocks are stored on wooden pallets and packed with special shrinkable film. By providing outstanding thermal insulation, UDK wall blocks make a major contribution to environmental protection by dramatically reducing the energy needs (and cost) of space heating and cooling in buildings. Furthermore, our blocks are easy to use and allow accurate cutting that reduces the generation of solid waste during construction. UDK wall blocks do not need to be used in combination with insulation products that sharply increase the cost of construction and the environmental impact.


Company news

  "UDK" Company has confirmed compliance with the requirements of the quality management system ISO 9001: 2015. Each year starting from 2014 our company has been passing an audit, according to the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008. However, this year, the certification audit has been especially important because of switching to the new version of ISO 9001: 2015. The main point of the new version is risks and opportunities management. ISO standards covers various aspects related to the quality and service management. Obtaining an ISO 9001: 2015 certificate is a kind of a maturity certificate for the company. Such certification is not obligatory; any company regardless of its field of activity can receive it. Criteria for ISO...
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Thursday, 06 August 2015
We introduce our new video: two minutes plus duration, we tried to show the whole cycle of production of autoclaved aerated concrete at UDK factory in Dnepropetrovsk. From the reception of raw materials to packaging and delivery of finished products. We hope that video is dynamic enough and you’ll like...
The system of quality management UDK company successfully passed the certification to comply with the international requirements ISO 9001 in company DEKRA Certification GmbH. In December 2014 in life of UDK company an important event took place - quality management system was certified to comply...
There have been conducted tests of4 types HILTI anchor fittings of UDK aerated concrete of different density class produced by UDK LLC. On the UDK company premises in cooperation with Yevgeniy Balyhin, Head of technical support group of HILTI company, there have been tested 4 types anchor fittings of...

Responses of experts

Application of AAC blocks is actual for building one- and two-storey private houses as it offers a possibility to save money on construction. Walls built with AAC blocks having minimal thickness possess good thermal insulation properties. It is also very important that AAC possesses high strength at the density of 400 kg/sq.m, which makes it one of the most perspective wall materials for the present day.
Distinguished Architect of Ukraine, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Architecture of Ukraine - Alexander Chub
Our architectural studio “Alex Viz” has been designing and constructing buildings from AAC blocks for quite a long time. Recently practically all of our projects have been designed to be built with the application of this material. Here are some of its advantages. At the stage of project: 1. A variety of projects available (high speed and decrease of cost price of projecting); 2. Certainty in strength and heat engineering properties of the material; 3. Design aesthetics and precise geometric dimensions of the blocks; 4. Possibility to create practically any architectural idea (easy to work with). At the stage of building: 1. Ideal correlation of price and quality; 2. Speed of wall mounting; 3. Minimal number of workers involved; 4. Easy to lay; 5. No waste. Breakage can be used for cutting blocks of smaller dimensions or other forms; 6. Light weight, which means easy handling and laying of blocks by one person; It is probably important to mention the disadvantages as my reference could not be quite objective then. Yet, I had to give some thinking to actually finding any disadvantages: 1. There can be breakage due to transporting and loading/unloading. But as I mentioned earlier, we do not see it as a problem. Besides, the percentage of breakage is minimal; 2. Builders can complain about dust from the blocks. Sometimes when it is windy, people have to work wearing glasses as the dust is quite dangerous for mucous membrane. In conclusion: AAC is a very high-quality material. We have been building and will continue building using it. Our clients and we are satisfied with the result!
Head of Architectural Studio "Alex Viz" - Alexander Shtepa

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