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Answers to frequently asked questions

  • Where to buy UDK product? +

    UDK company has wide distributorship chain. Visit "Where to buy" website page and choose on the map the location according to your construction. If you have any questions please contact UDK LLC Heads of sales department of the region directly.
  • How long has UDK company been present on Ukrainian market? +

    UDK LLC has been selling from its factory in Dnepropetrovsk city own-manufactured product under UDK Gazbeton brand since autumn, 2009.
  • What does В2,0 and В2,5 etc. marking mean in aerated concrete strength characteristics? +

    AC compression strength class (B) is nondimensional value but it characterizes material strength including variability index. According to the construction regulation base it is calculated laying compression strength of the blocks with certain strength class.
  • Can we build bearing walls from D400 В2,0? +

    Autoclaved aerated concrete with D400 density class is referred to construction thermal insulating materials with B1,5 and more strength class .Modern technologies can provide D400 aerated concrete density class with В2,0 and В2,5 strength class. It enables to use AAC in different bearing constructions but after necessary construction calculations.
  • Are there any materials with better thermal transmittance/strength coefficient? +

    There are construction materials with less density and thermal transmittance (thermal insulating materials), and higher strength (construction materials). Autoclaved aerated concrete has low density and thermal transmittance and quite high strength that makes it unique construction thermal insulating wall material.
  • What is the main distinсtion between foam concrete and aerated concrete? +

    The main distinсtion is method of pore formation. In the first case it is added foam agent to the concrete mix and cellular structure is formed while its mixing. In the second case there is a pore formation process in the mix as the result of interaction of foaming agent and calcium hydroxide. Foam concrete, as a rule, is aging material, which is produced at the small factories. Aerated concrete is the material of autoclaved industrial production (but there also exists non-autoclaved concrete). Curing method influences the physical and mechanical characteristics – while equal material density autoclaved concrete has higher strength.
  • How to achieve the strength if there is little cement in aerated concrete? +

    Compared to non-autoclaved cellular concrete where material strength is provided by hardened porous cement-sand mortar, autoclaved cellular concrete strength is achieved while autoclave curing (at 195 C temperature and 12 atm pressure). During this process there are formed new materials such as hydrated calcium silicate that provide interpore partition and so the material itself with higher strength.
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